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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find office at Ranong Pier?
There is a small office at Ranong Pier ( Go To : Contact Page )
Can I make reservation via email or phone call and pay when I arrived?
For reservation we accepted booking online ONLY that you can make directly from our website, for guarantee the booking.
How do I pay for the booking?
On the website we have booking online system you can complete the booking process with your credit card on gateway payment system directly with the Bank or via Paypal. PLEASE READ THE CANCELLATION POLICY BEFORE MAKE THE PAYMENT.
How do I find office at Ranong Pier ?
There is a small office at Ranong Pier ( Ranongferry.com)
How do I find office at Payam Pier?
There is a small office at Payam Pier ( Ting Shop )
How many routes do you offer now?
We have two routes, from Ranong to Koh Payam and from Koh Payam to Ranong, each route we can drop you at Koh Chang (if need)
What is the timetable for each route?
We have timetable of each route in Ticket Reservation, You can select it before process the payment, just click here.
How can I buy a ticket?
We have five easy steps, just start by click here.
If my Ticket ID was expired, what should I do?
Every non-confirm Ticket ID should be expired after 24 hrs. When your Ticket ID was expired, you have to create a new Ticket by click here. Once your payment information has been confirmed, your Ticket ID will be never expired.
How to travel from Bangkok to Koh Payam?
You can go to Ranong provice by bus at Bangkok Bus Terminal (Southern) or by plane at Don Muang Airport. More info please call (+66)6 2345 3100

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Four Islands Trip, Ko Payam, Ko Kum, Ko Khangkhaw, Ko Yeepun

10.00 Starting travel to Ko Payam. 10.40 Arrived Ko Payam, visit the Temple of Ko Payam and take the photos at the Blue Sky Resort. 11.30 Lunch 12.00 Travel to Ko Khangkhaw 12.30 Snorkeling at Ko

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KHAOSOK Minibus Service

For every traveler, who need to go to KHAOSOK. we can provide you the best Minibus Service. Take Speed Boat at 08:45 from Payam. Take Mini bus at 09:30 from Ranong Pier.   For more in

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Route One Way Round Trip
Ranong to Koh Payam 400THB 350THB 800THB 600THB
Koh Payam to Ranong 400THB 350THB 800THB 600THB
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